Membership Classifications
of the
Georgia Association of 
Professional Agricultural 

Voting Members: To qualify for Full membership after June 1, 1990, applicants must complete a membership application form that has been signed by two full members of the association as sponsors and has provided references of individuals or other entities for whom the candidate has personally provided consultation and service.  The applicant must possess a B.S. or B.A. or higher degree in Agriculture, Pest Management, or Biology and two years experience as a full-time crop or research consultant.  A person with a non-agriculture related degree and six years experience as a full-time crop consultant may also qualify.  The applicant shall agree with the objectives of the association and has agreed in writing to conform to the Code of Ethics of the association.

All applicants must have a current Georgia Department of Agriculture pesticide applicator's license and be certified commercial with ground equipment, Category 21.  Membership applications will be submitted timely to the membership committee chairman for review and to contact references.  Applicants must be approved by majority of full members of the association at the next officially scheduled meeting.

Associate Members: To qualify for associate membership an applicant must submit a completed membership application and meet all requirements of a full member with the exception of involvement of the sale of and/or application of products that preclude voting membership.

Provisional Members: To qualify for provisional membership an applicant must support the missions and goals of the association and submit a completed membership application though the individual may not meet all requirements of full membership at the time of application; it is possible to move to other membership categories when  specific requirements are satisfied.

Student Members: To qualify for student membership an applicant must be enrolled in an academic training program and submit a completed membership application.

Retired members: To qualify for retired membership an individual must be retired from active crop consulting and previously held voting membership in the association for at least three years and submit a completed membership application.

Sustaining Members:  To qualify for sustaining membership an entity must contribute $350.00 annually and be approved by majority of full membership.

Advisory Members:  To be appointed as an advisory member the individual must be nominated by a full member, seconded by another full member, and approved by a majority of the full membership at an officially scheduled meeting.

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