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We now have a GAPAC discussion group email list at Yahoo Groups!

How an Email List Works
This could be a good thing if we will use it.  This is a tool that uses email for fast sending of email to all subscribers.  It is controlled, but very usable.  Read on.

You don't have to establish a Yahoo User ID to subscribe. This is an email discussion group list.  There are policies and guidelines.  Anyone who subscribes will receive any email sent to the group; only a subscriber can send a message, so this will reduce spam. It is a list with restricted membership, meaning that anyone who subscribes must first be approved by the listowner, Carl Hobbs. It allows unmoderated discussion comments and any member may post. Archives at the internet website, are for members only. We do have to put up with a small ad at the end of each message, but that is no bother, considering this is a free service to us.

To subscribe, send email to and put the word "Subscribe" in the subject line. If you are not a GAPAC member nor associate member, email Carl to tell him who you are by email or copying the subscription request email to him and telling him who you are.  We just want to have some idea of who is joining our list. Once subscribed, you may unsubscribe at any time the same way by sending an email to the address at the bottom.  See list policies and Guidelines section below.

There is a Home Page at Yahoo for the list.
This is available at the following website address,, and contains a summary of all postings to the list.  Any member may view previous postings there.

FieldRecon™ Support is readily available this way.
One of the main items benefiting GAPAC members will be in technical support for our FieldRecon™ computer program. David Krueger has subscribed, and he will be monitoring the messages, ready to post an answer to support questions. He still allows phone calls, yes, but some problems or questions that you could have may not be urgent, plus others may benefit by solving the same problem. If someone learns a trick or shortcut, he can share it with the other subscribers.  Field setup and field data entry should not be that hard at all, but we may need some help in organizing farmer reports, writing report filters, configuring the IPAQ version, and in merging data. David could use the internet to announce distribution of any fixes or updates to the program, and use the list to inform us of how to download and install them.

This list does not have to be restricted to FieldRecon™.  
It will be good for announcing meetings, discussing insect trends, crop conditions or any other discussion we want concerning items pertaining to our business. David said that he may one day set up another list for FieldRecon™, but that this one will do for now.

FieldRecon™ is a Trademark of and Distributed by Ag Renaissance Software LLC, PO Box 91235, Raleigh, NC 27675


Email Addresses Pertaining to the List (for reference or addition to your address book):
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A Few Basic List Policies and Guidelines (subject to change and refinement)

March 21, 2002

  1. The GAPAC Email Discussion Group has one purpose, simply to provide an electronic forum for the discussion of topics relevant to Georgia agriculture or the agricultural consulting business.

  2. The GAPAC Email Discussion Group is not limited to use by GAPAC members only.  Other industry members are invited to join, monitor, and contribute.

  3. The GAPAC Email Discussion Group will allow limited commercial posts (product, service, or program announcements) as long as they meet a few criteria: a) The focus of the group remains on discussion of substantive issues. b) Commercial announcements are directly related to some aspect of the Georgia agriculture or the agricultural consulting business. c) Commercial announcements should not be repeated.

  4. Mailing lists are an excellent forum for debate on controversial topics. Debate is encouraged on the GAPAC Email Discussion Group. "Flaming," however, or personal attacks toward individuals, companies, or products are not appropriate

  5. The GAPAC Email Discussion Group is only intended for the discussion of issues related to Georgia agriculture or the agricultural consulting business. Off-topic posts and personal mail are not appropriate for the list. That said, a certain amount of discussion among list members is entirely appropriate as long as it doesn't de-rail more substantive discussion.

  6. GAPAC Email Discussion Group is a closed list. While anyone may request to subscribe at any time, subscriptions must be approved. Messages from non-subscribers will be rejected. This should help to cut down on spamming and junk email.

  7. Attached files should not be sent to the list. The preferred method of distribution is to make them available on a website and post the URL link.

  8. Questions about list policy and complaints about subscriber behavior or inappropriate posts should be directed to Carl Hobbs or other GAPAC officer. They should not be posted to the list.

  9. On matters of list policy, the decisions of the GAPAC Executive Committee will be final.

  10. The list moderator is Carl Hobbs (Does somebody else want it?).

  11. Subscriptions, option changes, and signoffs should be handled through the list server and not through the list itself.  The email addresses for option changes are above.

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