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The GAPAC Defoliation Demonstration treatments, sponsored by supporting companies, represent established and emerging defoliation chemistries and combinations.  The project consists of results from three plots planned throughout the state, locations listed below.  



This year, for the first time, we welcome Valent to the GAPAC Defoliation Demonstration Project.



These plots are located in production areas strategically located throughout the state.  This year, three consultants have each chosen a field of high yielding cotton to use for plots.



Ratings will be made at five days and again at ten to fourteen days after treatment (depending upon weather conditions) are published at individual plot pages and consolidated ratings will be available on a summary page.





September 6, 2002
Lists available on this page
Treatment list
Location and schedule list
Plot Summary Page (available later), containing a full summary of the ratings of all plots
Plot data pages:
  • Paul Brown, Dooly County, Plot Data and Ratings.
  • Danny Bennett Bleckley County,  Plot Data and Ratings.

This year the Georgia Association of Professional Agricultural Consultants is having a Dryland Cotton Defoliation Project in addition to our regular full-season irrigated cotton defoliation test.  We would like to give our members a hands-on evaluation of new cotton defoliants on the market, while helping our growers find the most economical treatments for their dryland cotton acres.  Our plots will be available for others in the cotton industry including growers, dealers, basic reps., extension personnel and others.   

We are planning three locations in the state where we will have a dry land cotton field with marginal to average yield potential that has 80 + percent open bolls.

Kent Taylor will rate all locations at five to seven days after application and again at ten to fourteen days after application. He will collect the following data for each treatment:  

1.     Percent Defoliation

2.     Percent Desiccation

3.     Percent Green Leaves

4.     Percent Regrowth Rating at 10 to 14 days 

Each location will consist of one replication of each treatment, with six-row plots containing four rows treated, with two buffer rows between each treatment. The location will be chosen by each consultant working with the project.  We will try to choose locations that have easy access for visiting.  Rainfall and temperature records will be maintained for each location. 

Each location will have a report generated for it, which will be shared with all of the companies that enter in the test.  Kent plans to summarize all locations together and prepare a report for all interested parties.  

We plan to have a field day at several of the locations inviting consultants, growers, dealers, industry reps., extension personnel and others.  

All plots are four rows wide by 125 feet long with a two row buffer, sprayed in 10 gallons of water per acre, 3 mph with TX4 hollow cone tips at 62 PSI.

No.  Treatment (and rate per acre) Price per acre* Sponsor (click on  company name to visit official website)
# 1 Resource @ 8 oz. + COC** @ 16 oz. $9.74 Valent
# 2 Resource @ 6 oz. + COC** @ 16 oz. $7.40 Valent
# 3 Resource @ 4 oz. + COC** @ 16 oz. $5.06 Valent
# 4 Harvade @ 8 oz. + Def @ 6 oz. + COC** @ 16 oz. $7.37 Uniroyal
# 5 Harvade @ 8 oz. + Aim @ 0.5 oz. + COC** @ 16 oz. $7.76 Uniroyal
# 6 Aim @ 1.5 oz.  COC** @ 1% v/v $7.43 FMC
# 7 Dropp @ 2.0 oz. (dry wt.) + Aim @ 1.0 oz. + COC** @ 1% v/v $11.55 FMC
# 8 Def @ 8 oz. + Finish-Pro @ 11 oz. $9.19 Bayer
# 9 Ginstar @ 4 oz. + Def @ 8 oz. $8.13 Bayer
# 10 Folex @ 24 oz. $7.97 Amvac

*Approximate cost per acre; actual costs will vary.

**COC, or Crop Oil Concentrate.

These are the locations and schedule for the plots.  These plots are open for viewing any time following spray date.  Click on the county name for directions to the specific plot.
Spray Date
Field Day Date
Dooly Paul Brown Pat West Wednesday, Sept. 4  
Turner Carl Hobbs Wynn Farms Wednesday, Sept. 4  
Bleckley Danny Bennett Stevie Yearty Thursday, Sept. 5  

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