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Photo Gallery of the 2000 Defoliation Treatment Project

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Plot Summary Page (view results summary for all plots)   Novartis
Paul Brown, Dooly County   Griffin LLC
Carl Hobbs, Worth County     Aventis
Mike Gomez, Bulloch County     Uniroyal
Wes Briggs, Decatur County     Luxembourg
Danny Bennett, Dodge County      
Setup.jpg (63896 bytes)

Products were pre-measured and made ready for application prior to arriving at field plots. 

BMmeasure.jpg (78626 bytes)

Brian and Danny measure plot length.

 Spraying1.jpg (85807 bytes)

Kent prepares connections and checks pressure on CO2 back sprayer.

Spraying2.jpg (75666 bytes)

Brian and Danny sprayed using a metromixer sound clicker mechanism to synchronize their walking pace at 2 mph, proper speed for correct calibration.

 Spraying3.jpg (66759 bytes)

Spraying moved along fairly well once products were measured and put in bottles for spraying.

Spraying4.jpg (75626 bytes) Spraying6.jpg (65172 bytes)
PlotPB1.jpg (74855 bytes)

Signs marked each plot, both from the highway and the field, as here at Paul Brown's plot on Billy Sanders' field near Vienna. 

 PlotDB1.jpg (40481 bytes)

Danny Bennett's plot at Hardy Farms in Dodge County.

 PlotCH2.jpg (57566 bytes)

Carl Hobbs' plot at Keith White's farm near Shingler in Worth County.

FldDayDB.jpg (68171 bytes)

Danny Bennett (foreground, holding clipboard) in front of his plot at his field day.

 Benn&Peace.jpg (69346 bytes)

Danny Bennett and Scott Pace of Luxembourg discuss Leaf-All at Danny's field day.

FldDayPB.jpg (49956 bytes)

It rained at Paul Brown's field day, a rare occurrence during the growing season. 

FldDayWB.jpg (63609 bytes)

Wes Briggs (far right) lets Ken Teeter (next man on the right of Wes) give a few details on Novartis' new product, Action at his field day.

FldDayCH1.jpg (63376 bytes)

Jay Hallaron (foreground, blue jeans and white shirt) with Uniroyal, explains some of the benefits of Harvade in various combinations while at Carl Hobbs' field day.

FldDayCH2.jpg (52942 bytes)

Larry Worn, Aventis, (center, khaki pants and blue shirt) explains the benefits of Dropp and Ginstar.

FldDayCH3.jpg (67898 bytes)

Jake Ford, Aventis, offers a few pointers on using Finish and Folex effectively.

FldDayCH4.jpg (69001 bytes)

Hilton Seigler, Griffin LLC, highlights the benefits of Cotton Quik, and Griffin's new defoliant Freefall.

Kent Taylor, Project Contrator, picutred with Brian Martin and Danny Bennett of Bennett Consulting.

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